Why Kammas Ruling Tollywood?
Posted by venkat

There is a general belief that Kammas tend to dominate wherever they go and eventually they start ruling that field. While some take it as aggression and hypocrisy, others find it as group politics and the caste feeling which drives others out. In particular, the presence of Kammas is very dominant in the Telugu film industry.

So, why on earth should only Kammas dominate Tollywood? What are those special qualities that make them stand apart from the rest? Well, here are few of my thoughts.

From what I know, there is no Kamma in the film industry who got addicted to drinking and died due to that. Maximum cases are that of Brahmins and Rajus. The reason I talk about drinking is, when one gets addicted to that, it leads to indiscipline. This indiscipline leads to lack of focus on health. And when there is no focus on health, there is no discipline towards finance and overall development or what we call progressive thinking.

The fact remains that there is so much Kamma domination in the Telugu industry but hearing about someone’s death due to a vice is almost zero chance. Take the instance of Rajus- Harinath, in Kapus- S V Ranga Rao, Brahmins- the list is long. So, my point is, one should not cry over Kammas for their ruling presence. The reason they are in such a position is because they have certain qualities.

Basically, Kammas hail from the land owning communities. Till 1950s, they were struggling a lot without identity and proper livelihood. Once the land ceiling act was removed in the early 50s, they became landlords. Same was the case with the Reddys. The only difference is Kammas chose movies and Reddys chose politics as major chunk. So, the root cause for their success in respective fields is not their caste. The basic discipline is very must and only then anyone will be successful.

This is something the Kammas have imbibed in their lifestyle. That is one major reason why despite being in the midst of vices like wine and women in the cinema industry, they never got addicted in such a way that ruins their life. And this was the major reason for Rajus, Brahmins to lose their control and presence. This is not to say Kammas never drink or indulge in other activities. Whatever they do, they do it with a limit and know where to draw a line. They never lose their self-control.

Since the Kamma community is coming from struggles and hardships, they have developed that sort of discipline and characteristics which have taken them to great heights. But here is the challenging part. Right now, the third generation of neo Kammas is going on. So who knows? Down the line, even they might get into such vices in the way that ruins them. But we have to see the coming fourth and fifth Kamma generations. The flaw in Rajus is they are monarchs since centuries so they like to flaunt their pride and maintain it at all times, through their genetic code. As for Brahmins, once they get recognition from rich communities they take life easy.

Today, the Kamma domination is high in Tollywood and they ensure it is maintained. So, as long as they can sustain their basic qualities like self discipline they will be on top.

Ranganath Sharma, Hyderabad

501 Responses to Why Kammas Ruling Tollywood?

  1. T.P.NAIDU says:

    Because they dont want other caste people as a TDP President and CM Candidate, they want use only other casts for votes and rally’s , than they want a CM Still their caste, its a Kamma Party, other cast people should be shame supporting the TDP, can any tell me that TDP had Non Kamma CM (Chief Minister) or party President. Why should we support TDP since its a kula gajji party.
    Chandra Babu wasted $40,000 crores for Janma Bhoomi, Janma Bhoomi was not usefull any single common man. its Dhana Bhoomi for Chandra Babu naidu, TDP eaten those $40,000 crores.

    • lavanya says:

      mr naidu tdp is the only party which developed andhra,,,even sri krishna comittee also proved that tdp is the only party which developed andhra,,janma bhoomi is vey good programe,,even in vilages the officers are suppposed to work hard for the development,,in our andhra janma bhoomi is the number 1 programe till now,,dont put negativ coments if u dislike him,,babu did not encorage corruption and factionism,,,,if he is the great leader as our andhra feels proud of him,,,congres knows only corruption it had done nothin to andhra except looting

    • VVKMRPBVKH says:

      According to ur statement, when tdp is in rule, kammas should be profited more, but the fact is all the poor people and lower segment castes made a lot out of TDP’s rule and where as kammas havent ben benifited. But there are many other parties in our state which in their ruling tenure had appointed all the govt officials from their caste. Even the police sector which shold be an unbiased as they serve people is also appointed with the same caste people from the lowest cadre to the highest. But TDP has never done so if they had done like the other party, there should be kammas in majority of the govt officials but they are very few who earned their jobs.

      The party leaders of TDP are mostly from different castes other than kamma.

    • charitan says:

      till 80′s, there was only rich and poor differences , and forward caste and backward classes, from 90′s how come this stupid feeling arised , its only selfishness of one segment of society , you can see this segment of people in both congress and tdp , but they never accuse each other as political rivalry , only for a simple cause that is caste , we have to say hats off to these people for their bonding . ever engineering graduate know about this community and the realise never to belive them.

  2. ashwinnallari says:

    Mr.Venkat/Ranganath Sharma,

    Why Kammas are successful? The title of the article should have been “HARDWORK, VISION AND NETWORKING ” and not subject it to caste feeling.You should have included the success of all communities and make it into a REAL WINNER instead both of you have chosen the narrow track of caste.The damaging comment made by Sharma garu that creative artists from other communities became alcoholics and wasted their lives.He has cited the name of Sri Harinath garu , a great artist of that time and a very handsome at that , but who introduced him to alcohol and who were the people who felt threatened by this handsome man then is known to one and all.I would not like to get into that issue.

    Film making is a team effort and every visionary from any community had his ups and downs.Here every person from every other community came forward to create master pieces. Best example is K.V.Reddy’s MAYA BAZAAR ,L.V.Prasad’s Missama , Alluri Sitaramaraju, DVS Karna, Shankarabharanam, Sagara sangamam,Srivariki premalekha and many more . People of all castes come forward for their respective goals and also for the common goal to be part of master pieces and they have toiled hard to create that master piece.

    Linking all the success to one community is PATHETIC and regressive. As a telugu cine goer and lover I appreciate the good in every talented film maker and give him support such that he will see international success and instead on looking and downgrading other communities let us respect the HARDWORK, VISION AND NETWORKING efforts behind the masterpieces of Telugu Cinema and HATS OFF to those legends like K.V.Reddy, Marcus Bartley, NTR, ANR, SVR, Savitri, Ghantasala, and many more



    • ksn says:

      Hi all -”The damaging comment made by Sharma garu that creative artists from other communities became alcoholics and wasted their lives” For this I am saying – How come you say only kamma people of ruling, since 20+ years tollywood number one is – megastar, he is not a kamma – he has given more and tough competetion to kamma heroes like balayya,nag, venkatesh, mohanbabu. Descipline comes from person not from caste, everyone is talented – caste is always a least bothered. Kamma,Kapu,Reddy – out of these the person who has descipline, talent he will go to top always. Balayya succeeded among all his brothers, he has a good talent.

  3. shashi kumar says:

    ranganath sharma says that the caste their cause to their success, but it is not their succes as because of their caste, it is their talent to be successful in their profession. success and talent comes from the person but not from the caste. I think it is better to be introduced as an Indian but not as that of regarding their caste.

  4. ram sharma says:

    Kammas are greatest. They are the best. Actors like Nag,Venky,NTR,Rana rule the cine industry.
    Enterpeneus like Ramoki rao told how to run a business
    Leaders like NTR,Chandrababu demonstrated their skills
    Nimmagaada Prasad is one more example.
    You take any field they are the ones who are ruling kings andhra.
    They are the best of the best.


  5. madhavi says:

    kammas are daring,smart ,hard working ,devoted to their duties,cool, self controlled,.never involve in other’s matters.This is the reason for their success in every field

  6. bob lankada says:

    sorry to say but kamma domination is going to be end in near days, now most of the non kamma people realized about these facts. The first planted trees have big shade and big roots so they give some resistance to small plants to grow, but it is nominal.

  7. Krish says:

    Because, since 100 years they work in field, eat strong food, well built body because of good Paadi, and fruits. Their is walk is heroic because they are are focused and committed to deliver the good harvest always. They even fight for bullshit (peda) to make their land fertile. It is good answer for you? Just study the anthropology (Amaravathi, Karm siddhantha) and tell me.

  8. Hate kamma caste feeling says:

    U r soo damn wrong….to make it short & sweet, these kammas r nothing but sick bloody bastards who feel themselves as Royal kings ruling this earth…maadiga mokhalu….they r deceitful in nature & even don’t bother to backstab their friends…such fucking bastards they are!! Never ever trust a kamma in this world!!

  9. Royal Chowdary says:

    Hello Mr.

    Hold the tongue, be-careful before speaking something, go to history of the GREAT KAMMA’S we saved the Andhra from Delhi sultans, we too have the same blood, we never care for any thing to save the people. We have strength to kill the Devils like you people. try to see the Royal Kamma’s , bastards like you will shut the mouth, no we make you shut the mouth idiot. never think that kamma domination is going to end we are not dominating, but our position is always on your head only. i think you are illiterate idiot study the blogs of USA kammas we gaining money like no other cast in the world, we have strength,power,money. we are intelligent to play games with kind of people like you. I am challenging the people like you dare to touch CHOWDARY.

  10. LetsBeHumans... says:

    Man venkat..u gone mad… r u educated citizen?…shocked to see such post…have u been into some mental asylum…why r provoking ppl..first of all..irrespective of education , educated & uneducated morons go gaga about about this caste(donno to whom it born..u can call it as bastardy thing)… plz this is 21 cenetury ,now we should be humans atleast.. no caste,creed,race…
    Plzzz if r educated then teach uneducated not get into caste riots and maintain equality..
    Plzz if r educated ,still u believe in caste and stuff.. go and take some poison and die… literate morons!!! not God can help u guys…. Hell to u!!
    P.S. God! peace to earth..

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