The essence of journalism and media is all about the objectivity and imparting the naked truth to the common man. There are those who attempt to bring some neutrality but in today’s time that has become impossible.

Politicians and their cheap publicity stunts seem to be having no boundaries these days. At a time when the entire nation is shaken by the Uttarakhand calamity, the drama these worthless ‘leaders’ are enacting is disgusting. While it is really humiliating to see the fist fight between Ramesh Rathod and Hanumantha Rao, the reason they fought was more embarrassing. Well, they wanted to get the victims onto their flights so as to take credit.

It looks like a long drawn battle for the YSR Congress founder Y S Jaganmohan Reddy looking at the way he is positioned today. It is known news that Jagan is in remand all these months and legally speaking, this is not a punishment he is serving. The investigation is still happening on allegations and reports filed by CBI stating Jagan has indulged in massive financial embezzlements during the regime of his father Y S Rajasekhar Reddy.

In India, a film celebrity is not just about having vast fan base and scoring big numbers at the box office. In return, there are certain unwritten expectations common people have from them. The celebrities are considered role models of society, are expected to carry themselves in the path of righteousness and maturity when in public. But all these things didn’t seem to matter to Ram Charan. A true showcase of his attitude was displayed in the recent road brawl that he instigated.

The invasion of the internet and the technological revolution has given a new world to the techies. The evolution of social media, networking and the opportunity to express has empowered the educated crowds to a large extent. The major percentage among them happens to be the software techies. As much as they flaunt their image by talking about many things, I personally feel they have no sense of core values and they are too timid to imagine. is based in California, USA and started in 2002 as a web news portal. It has been expanding its wings to plethora of happenings in film, political and general world of AP in the years of passage.

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